'Anglia Security provided my company with a professional and reliable service with great communication and customer support, the quality of service is excellent and very competitive'

Adam Bullers Biwater Plc

Anglia Security Services Limited is one of the region's leading full-service security companies, that has been established and managed by a director with over 25 years experience in the security industry, and thus achieved an enviable reputation of quality of service within the region.

The company offers a variety of specifically designed, expertly managed security programs for organizations, companies, facilities and individuals.

A Local and Professional Company
'In my experience, the quality of service that is provided within the security industry varies wildly between each company. It can be difficult for many companies to find a service which fits their needs.With this in mind I have strived to build a company which offers the very best service to clients. We incorporate the current ethos of the security industry together with cutting edge technology, first class employees and a clear focus on providing the best service to protect people, premises and the property of our customers', Lloyd Thompson Managing Director.






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